Pension – Applications

Application For Retirement Benefits

In addition to qualifying for a pension benefit, you, your spouse, beneficiary or QDRO alternate payee, must file an application before any benefits can be paid. A pension application can be requested from the Plan Office at the following address:

c/o Health Services & Benefit Administrators, Inc.
4160 Dublin Boulevard, Suite 400
Dublin, CA  94568-7756
(800) 222-6298


You should complete, sign, and send your application to the Plan Office so that it is received before the first of the month you want your pension to start. You must send proof of your date of birth with your application. If you are married, you will need to provide proof of your marriage and your spouse’s date of birth. If you are divorced, you should send a copy of your divorce decree or qualified domestic relations order (QDRO), so that the Plan Office can determine if your former spouse is entitled to any portion of your pension benefit.

Application For Pre-Retirement Marital Annuity Pension

An eligible Participant’s surviving spouse or beneficiary must file an application with the Plan Office for these benefits on a form furnished by the Trust. An application should be obtained from the Plan Office shortly after the Participant’s death so that payments may begin as soon as possible.