Pension – Participation

How You Become A Participant In The Plan

You become a Participant in this Plan on the first of the month following your completion of 435 Hours of Service (including at least one Hour of Covered Service) for a contributing Employer within a single Plan Year (July 1 through June 30). Owners, partners or self-employed persons are not eligible to become Participants.

Termination of Participation

Once you become a Participant, you may cease to be a Participant if you have two consecutive One-Year Breaks in Service (see page 16 of the Summary Plan Description). However, once you are Vested, your participation cannot end except in the event of your death.

Reinstatement of Participation

Please note that you may again become a Participant in this Plan if you satisfy the “435-hour” requirement described above. However, depending on when you again become a Participant, any previously earned Years of Service Credit and accrued benefits may be lost.